The company has made a rapid progress in the business owing to its premium quality products. Upholding the importance of commitment. We progress to take on new opportunities and challenges offered by the future.

Positive sales growth and development during these years have enabled us to expand and diversify in our field and establish a strong network in this market. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction through manufacturing and supplying scientific, Laboratory testing equipments & instruments that are complying with national and international standards. It is superior in terms of quality & durability.

We manufacture Autoclave, B. O. D Incubator, Constant Temperature Circulating Bath, Deep Freezer, De-Humidifier, Humidity Chamber, Ice Flakers, Laboratory Oven, LaminarFlow, Low Temperature Circulating Bath, Low Temp. (Horizontal / Frost Free Vertical), Walk - In Incubator / Cooler, Walk - In Humidity Environmental Test Chamber, Muffle Furnace, Stability Chamber, Tergo Tometer, Thermal Shock Chamber , Tray Dryer, Ultra Low Temperature, Universal Water Bath, Vacuum Oven, Viscometric Bath, Water Still, Cold Chamber , Walk - In Stability Chamber, Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinet.

  • Humidity Range : 35% RH Accuracy : +/3 % RH

    These equipments are capable of maintaining Relative Humidity 35% RH to 45% RH & are mainly used in Pharmaceutical Laboratories Capsules, Strip packing, Tablet Section, Packing Rooms, Processing Industries, Printing & Lithography, Photographic Industries, Communication equipment rooms, Computer & data storage various other purposes

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  • Construction

    Heavy gauge construction of CRCA sheet or AISI Stainless steel, Robust angular structure removable casing panel makes all parts easily accessible for adjustments & service when required

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  • Working of Environment Controller (De-humidifier)

    The equipment is based on refrigeration principle. It removes the moisture content of humid air in an enclosed room & condenses the moisture of the humid air into water which continuously drops into tray. No chemicals or dehydrating substances are used Relative humidity can be maintained depending upon the cubic feet volume, the temp & no. of occupants in the room. The walls & ceilings should be vapour proof to minimize infiltration of moisture into the room

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  • Refrigeration system

    It is fitted with a hermetically sealed compressors to operate on 230 volts , Single phase 50Hz, with heat exchanging coil, water condensing coil & fan motor assembly. The unit is mounted on a trolley with a water collection tank at the bottom.

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Horizontal Model overall Size : 30"H x 18"W x 18"D

Vertical Model overall Size : 42"H x 22"W x 24"D


The following are the required conditions for installation of Environmental controller (Dehumidifier)


1.0 Tonne 2500 cu. ft. 5
1.5 Tonnes 3750 cu. ft. 7
2.0 Tonnes 5000 cu. ft. 9

Room Temperature

When operating the equipment the room temp. will tend to rise on account of its moisture removal latent heat load & the electrical motor operating in the equipment, A sufficient capacity Air Conditioner given below has to be installed along with the Environmental Controller (De-Humidifier) The total heat load thus added to the room is given under.

Environmental Controller
(Dehumidifier) Capacity

Approx. Heat Load added to the room Air Condition
1 Tonne 2500 BTU 1 Tonne
1.5 Tonnes 9000 BTU 1.5 Tonnes
2 Tonnes 12000 BTU 2 Tonnes

RH Conditions :

A few of the typical temperature & the corresponding Relative Humidity conditions attainable in a room are given here under

Room Temp. is maintained at

RH of the room (approx)
70 ˚C F or higher 45 %
74 ˚C F or higher 40 %
81 ˚C F or higher 45 %

* Due to continuous development & improvements in design, we reserve the right to change the specification without notice

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